5 Things You Never Knew About The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

1. Nintendo Considered Making the Whole Game Happen in One Castle

Did you love galloping on Epona across Hyrule in Ocarina of Time? Adventuring from Kokiri Forest to Death Mountain and everywhere in between. Initially Miyamoto had other plans due to his concerns about the limitations of the N64 system.

"We put constructing the system first, and since we were going to determine the story in line with the system's capacity, at first I thought only having Ganon's Castle might be enough," Miyamoto said. "I thought about putting in all kinds of adventures into the different rooms, like making a dark meadow or an ocean--like in Princess Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64."


2. Legend of Zelda Games Where Never Meant to be a Continuos Storyline 

Many fans of the series love to spend hours figuring out how the Zelda timeline fits together. Unfortunately for fans it turns out the creators never really intended for the games to be seen as a continuous narrative rather independent adventures. They actually believe that it's not the story itself that's most important but rather the combination of the story, the characters, and the emotions the players feel.

"Eiji Aonuma said that while a lot of people say they like the epic story, on the level of the script, the story isn't actually that epic," Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata said. "It feels epic because everything you experience within the game is added to the story."

Miyamoto expanded on the idea by stating how difficult it can be to live up to the expectations of Zelda fans. "The stories in The Legend of Zelda may not match up as the series progresses," he said. "We actually spend a lot of time trying to make them match up, though. It would make things a lot easier if the players said, 'Oh, that doesn't really matter.'"


3. Miyamoto is a Fire Starter!

Lon Lon Ranch is one of the famous locations Link journeys to during his adventures in Hyrule. It's become an iconic location is Zelda lore. Unknown to many Zelda fans if Miyamoto had gotten his way, it would've been burnt to the ground.

"At first, I imagined a scene in which Ingo, in a frenzy, sets the ranch on fire, so Epona jumps against a backdrop of flames, but then someone said, 'What about when Link comes back to the ranch later?' So I gave that up," he said.


4. Lawn Mower Man

Nintendo often feel pressure from crazy fans to include certain gameplay aspects, and you guessed it they demand that grass cutting be included in ever game. It’s hard to imagine how an over the top battle cry and a 360 sword swipe has become one of the most nostalgic gaming moments in history. Link seems is a man who likes a maintained lawn. Many in Hyrule have saved a lot of money and time relying on the hero of Hyrule to keep their grass trimmed in those summer months.

Hya! *grass DESTROYED*


5. The Attention to Detail When Chopping Up Signs Near Water?!?!?

Long before the days of gyroscope technology and Wii MotionPlus, the Zelda team was attempting to make players feel like their actions had a real and tangible effect on the world around them. One way was by allowing players to chop up signs in a variety of different directions. "When I said that the signs should cut diagonally when Link swings diagonally, everyone froze up and said, 'We can't check exactly where they cut it!' Even with the Nintendo 64 system, that would be impossible." Miyamoto said.

The solution was to make a few different cut patterns. "Then you could cut the signs from different directions, but then when a piece flew off and landed in the pond, since we hadn't taken care of collision detection when it hit against water, it would just fall to the bottom with a clack," he said. "Generally, you would just decide not to put a sign by the water, but Morita-san made it so the piece would float on the water. Yeah. Morita-san made that because he was certain the players would love it. Then we just wanted to put more signs by the water!"



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