Mario Odyssey Nendoroid Action Figure Review

Welcome to our review of one of my favourite Nendoroids the Super Mario Odyssey action figure.

For those of you who already own the Luigi Nendoroid mario comes with a few more accessories and as a result a slightly larger box. The larger background that comes with Super Mario Nendroid Action Figure means you can actually display both Luigi and Super Mario together, pretty cool! The packaging is the usual Nendoroid quality with great photos showing some poses for your new action figure.

Some of the awesome accessories you’ll get with your Super Mario Odyssey Action Figure are:

• a mushroom
• gold coin
• Boo
• buzzy beetle
• four blocks including a ? block
• two additional faces
• a puff cloud
• an impact piece
• a green base

What a bargain!

The excellent design of the background means you can set up Mario to replicate floating blocks and even Mario’s famous coin block jump. We have had loads of fun creating cool scenes with all these accessories it’s little wonder Nendoroids have spawned so many photo blogs of people sharing their favourite Nintendo character in various poses and adventures.

The paint finish on all items is amazing. The expected attention to detail is everywhere, you can really see that the people who make these toys really love Super Mario and have got out of the way to ensure these toys capture that Nintendo magic! Some of the accessories can be a bit awkward to stage and some item are hard to pry into place, but with some patience and carful prodding we didn’t have too much trouble.

Mario has 3 faces:

• open mouth smiling
• close mouth smiling
• and serious block headbutting mario :P

These are fun to play around with particularly when combining with other Nendoroid action figures - speaking of other Nendoroids where is Princess Peach and Bowser?!?! One thing that I should note is that Mario’s hands are detachable and can be spun around easily which is nice and gives him a bit more flexibility than Luigi has.  The addition of the crooked arms are really nice and let you pose Mario running much more easily.  The crossed arms look really nice, but man, are they a pain and kind of scary to actually put on.  I felt like I was going to scratch the paint and ruin something on both Mario and Luigi.  The crossed arms fit really tightly and you have to put them on just right to minimize how much you stretch the plastic.

Super Mario Odyssey Nendoroid Action Figure is a great addition to  the Luigi Nendoroid, he is perfectly fine just on his own.  Mario expands the options available to Nintendo fans and is worth every dollar.  We can’t recommend this Nendoroid highly enough and I can safely say that this Nendoroid is probably my favourite after the Link blue Breath of the Wild Nendoroid figure. Anyway let us know what your thoughts on the figure are and if you are interested in picking one up at a bargain price check out the link below!

Get your Super Mario Odyssey Nendoroid Action Figure:


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