5 Things You Never Knew About Rey

Rey has become a fan favourite ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. Her sad backstory pulled at our heart strings and allowed her to become a classic Star Wars character.


Rey was abandoned on the desert wastelands of Jakku as a child. She grew up living amongst the lost and the broken. Without anything to her name, Rey created a life for herself as an skilled scavenger. She gathered scraps of metal and traded them for the scarce food rations she needed to survive.

Although she survived day to day, the one hope that kept her spirits up was that one day her family would return for her.

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She never left the wastelands, mainly because she believed she wouldn’t remain lost forever. Rey isn’t only a fan favourite because of her sad story, but also because she remains one of the biggest mysteries in the entire Star Wars universe.

Although we watch her journey from scavenger to pilot to powerful Jedi, we still don’t know much about her. Online Star Wars fans have searched far and wide for any clues about her past, but have come up empty-handed - until now.

The facts you are about to read will help you learn some more about the mysterious scavenger and reveal a little more about the young Jedi.

So, get your lightsaber ready to cut through these 5 Things You Never Knew About Rey.

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1. Who are her parents?

The biggest mystery surrounding Rey is her origin story. How did she end up on Jakku and who are her parents?

The most popular theory is that Rey is Luke’s daughter. When Rey picked up his lightsaber in The Force Awakens, Maz Kanata said, “That saber called to Luke and his father before him, and now it calls to you”. Since everyone in Star Wars is basically a Skywalker anyways, this theory wouldn’t be so outrageous.

Another theory suggests that Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter. The couple may have sent her to Jakku to protect her identity after her older brother, Kylo Ren joined the dark side. However, it would be extremely weird for Han Solo to have traveled with his daughter for an entire movie without saying anything.

There are also theories that say she’s Qui-Gon Jinn or Obi-Wan’s granddaughter or that she's a clone created to save the Jedi.


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2. She taught herself wookie and droid languages

During The Force Awakens, many viewers were confused as to why an abandoned girl living on Jakku could speak the same language as BB-8 and Chewbecca. However, Rey’s Survival Guide and The Force Awakens: Rey’s Story provide a very clear answer.

When she was little, Rey scavenged a Y-Wing computer display and several computer tapes which she used to teach herself different languages. From these tapes, she learned alien and droid languages such as the Wookie language of Shyriiwook and BB-8’s language, Astromech Binary.

She then practiced her language skills with offworlders she came across at Niima Outpost.

It is also clear that Rey can speak the language of the Teedos, based on her interaction with the Teedo that was trying to capture BB-8 during the beginning of The Force Awakens.

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3. She was originally excluded from the force awakens toy line

Little boys and girls everywhere instantly fell in love with Rey after watching The Force Awakens, which is why many parents were highly disappointed when Hasbro left her out of their Star Wars toy line.

Originally, Hasbro’s toy line focused on Kylo Ren and Finn. There were a couple of Rey toys, except they were fully cloaked and masked, depriving the toy of any relation to her feminine qualities.

When approached by angry parents, Hasbro said they excluded Rey from the line because they wanted to preserve the story and prevent any spoilers.

However, an insider revealed that during a meeting with Lucasfilm, product vendors were directed to exclude Rey because “no boy wants to be given a product with a female character on it”.

Outraged parents took to social media and promoted the hashtag “#WheresRey” and now Hasbro has prominently featured Rey in their The Last Jedi line.

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4. Her outfit in the force awakens was inspired by original concept designs of Luke Skywalker

After George Lucas finished writing the second draft of A New Hope (1977), he realized that there was a lack of major female characters in his story. Therefore, he attempted to rewrite the plot to change Luke Skywalker’s sex to female.

He asked the concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie to incorporate this idea into his next sketch of Skywalker, which can be seen in the picture above.

Although the concept was never used, it did inspire Rey’s costume in The Force Awakens. Her goggles are taken directly from the design, and her cloak brings in elements of Luke Skywalker throughout Star Wars history.

Concept artists Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig were also inspired by McQuarrie’s Skywalker designs and tried to incorporate them in other movies. However, they both worked on The Force Awakens and seem to have finally gotten their way.

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5. She collects flowers

Rey collects flowers to remind her that beauty can be found anywhere.

In Rey’s Survival Guide, she writes, “I have a few things at home to help me pass the time. I collect flowers – spinebarrel blooms and nightblossoms – and display them to remind myself that there’s beauty everywhere if you look hard enough, even on Jakku.”

Her habit of picking flowers started when she moved into the AT-AT, Hellbound 2, which she made her home.

When Rey first saw the AT-AT, she didn’t think she could live there, as it was located in a barren wasteland where nothing was able to grow. However, when she walked inside, she found a small green spinebarrel flower, which convinced her that if such a beautiful and delicate thing could survive there, then she could too.

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May The Force Be With You!


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